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WinScry is a subscription service paid annually. Our pricing is forthright with no hidden costs. Customer Support is free and available 24/7 world-wide. Your MAXIMUM cost for any WinScry subscription is US$1.00 per monitor, per month billed annually. The minimum subscription "bundle" is for 5 monitors for 1 year and all subscription bundles are in increments of 5 Monitors.


Subscription Price Schedule:


5 Monitors = US$60.00 per year.

10 Monitors = US$120.00 per year.

15 Monitors = US$180.00 per year.

...And so forth. Each "bundle" of 5 monitors = US$60.00 per year. High volume discounts apply.

Subscriptions for 50 Monitors or more receive 10% off.

Subscriptions for 100 Monitors or more receive 20% off.

Subscriptions for 200 Monitors or more receive 35% off.


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