Creating Monitor Installations

The Main Window

Get Activation Token
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Getting started is easy! To Create Monitor Installations:


1.Download and install the WinScry Management Console on any windows computer. We recommend that you install the management console on computers in your office, you can install it anywhere you like. If you don't have a WinScry/HermeTech account yet you will have the option to create one right from the management console software on the login screen (see Creating Your Account in the management console online help).

2.Once installed you simply click the New Monitor button in the main window and create as many monitors as your subscription will allow.

3.After you have created a monitor installation you will need to Activate it on the Remote Computer. You do this with the WinScry Client Console software.


Refer to the  management console online help for a full discussion on creating monitors (click HERE).


Activating a Client Monitor Installation

Activating a Client Monitor Installation

Activating a Monitor Installation is simple and straightforward.


1)Download and install the WinScry Client Console on the computer / server you wish to monitor.

2)Once installed you simply start the program. Whenever you start the Client Console software for the first time it forces you to enter the Activation Token (which was generated by the Management Console).

3)After you have activated the Monitor Installation, you can continue on and create whatever relevant system alerts you need for that installation.


Refer to the client console online help for a full discussion on how to create Alerts in the WinScry Client Console software (click HERE).


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