Removing WinScry

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Removing WinScry


Removing (Uninstalling) the WinScry Windows Service

Removing the WinScry Service (Click to Zoom)

Uninstalling the WinScry Client Software


STEP 1. If you need to uninstall the WinScry Client Console software from a computer where it has been Activated and Running you need to first make sure that the WinScry Client Windows Service is NOT running. If it is running then you need to STOP it.


Step 2. After you determine that the WinScry Windows Service is not running then you need to REMOVE (uninstall) the service. This removes the service from the MS Windows Services list on the client computer. A normal uninstall DOES NOT automatically remove the WinScry service from the MS Windows Services. To REMOVE the service  simply click the WinScry Service button on the main toolbar and in the pop-out menu click Remove WinScry Service. If the service is running or has not been installed already this option will be disabled so it's impossible to make a mistake.


Step 3. Once the WinScry Client Service has been removed then you simply close the WinScry Client Console program and uninstall the software from the Windows Control Panel as you would with any other program.