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Scry [verb] Usage As in "To scry the future", "Having scried", "One who scries"

Definition To foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface. (online)

Expanded Word Origin and History for Scry v. "to see images in a crystal, water, etc., which reveal the past or forebode the future," 1520s, a shortening of descry (v.1).

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Client Console Main Window

Main Window (Click to Zoom)


Use the WinScry Client software to monitor critical system processes on your remote servers and generate ALERT emails to you when something is amiss.


It really is as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Install the WinScry Management Console on your computer. Log in and create as many "Monitor Installations" as you like. (See the Management Console help)


2. Install the WinScry Client Console software on a computer / server you wish to track and "Activate" it using an "Activation Token" from the Management Console. (See Activating Your Monitor)


3. In the WinScry Client Console, create as many alerts as you like and then turn it on and you're finished. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each computer/server you wish to monitor. (See Creating Alerts and Reports)


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