Activating Your Monitor Installation

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Activating Your Monitor Installation


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Activate a Monitor Installation

Before you can use the WinScry Client Console to watch a computer you must first create a WinScry Monitor using the WinScry Management Console.


When you start the WinScry Client Console software for the first time you are prompted to "Activate" the monitor installation by entering the Activation Token and clicking the OK button.


The Activation Token is an 8 character alpha-numeric value which was generated in the WinScry Management Console software when the monitor was created. See below for more information.




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WinScry Management Console

Whenever you create a new monitor installation in the WinScry Management Console it will assign that installation an "Activation Token".


See the screenshot to the left for more details (click the image to enlarge).


For more information on creating WinScry Monitors see the online help for the management console.



Troubleshooting Problems With Activation


Scenario: You receive an error when you click the Ok button in the Activate this Installation window. Verify the following:


1.Is the computer connected to the internet? Just open the browser and see if you can browse the internet.

2.Is the WinScry Web Service up and running? Easily checked, just switch to your computer which has the WinScry Management Console software and either log on or refresh your data. Since the Management Console and the Client Console both access the same WinScry Web Service, if the Management Console is working our services are all up and running.

3.Verify that you are entering the correct Activation Token.

4.Are the WinScry program files being blocked from accessing the internet? If #1, #2, and #3 are OK then this is the likely culprit. Contact the local network administrator and ask for assistance in insuring that ALL of the WinScry program files can access the internet.