HDD Alert Conditions

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HDD Alert Conditions

What is an HDD Alert Condition?


You can create 1 or more HDD Alert Conditions to monitor the fixed disk drives on the monitored system. The email alert condition will be triggered if the free space available drops below the amount configured by you and stays that way for an extended period of time (the Trigger Threshold) also configured by you).



Creating a Fixed Disk Alert Condition

Creating HDD Conditions (Click to Zoom)

HDD (Fixed Disk Drive) Alert Conditions


A HDD Alert Condition is used in a Conditional Alert to monitor the free space on a hard drive or attached USB drive and Activate if the free space falls below a certain size and Trigger if it remains that way for a specific period of time. Note that you can only create HDD Alert Conditions for drives / partitions that are physically attached to the monitored computer.


To add an HDD Alert condition, in the Create / Edit Conditional Alert window click the + HDD Condition button on the toolbar. To edit an existing condition you can click the PencilStub16  in the Conditions List.


This will bring up the Fixed Disk Drive Alert window (see below).






Creating or Editing HDD Conditions

Creating HDD Conditions (Click to Zoom)

Creating or Editing HDD Conditions


A HDD Alert Condition is one of the easiest alert conditions to create. Just fill out the fields the top of the screen to the bottom selecting the drive you wish to monitor, the minimum acceptable amount of free space and finally the Trigger Threshold.


Enable the condition by checking the Enable this Alert Condition box and click the OK button when you are satisfied with your selections.


Useful HDD Condition Scenarios

The Windows Drive. I think everyone at some time or another has encountered a computer/server where the owner/builder of the system has woefully undersized the Windows Drive (the drive/partition with operating system). This of course can lead to major system performance problems if the free space gets too low because it can impact memory swap-space, temp file space, etc. etc.

Testing your WinScry Client Software. HDD conditions are so easy to set up that they make a perfect vehicle for testing your system to make sure that Alert Emails are being sent. Example: Create a conditional alert and add an HDD Condition which will trigger if the free space on the C:\ drive falls below <some impossible size, like say 100 TERRABYTES> with a Trigger Threshold of 5 minutes. This condition will ALWAYS be met so all you have to do is enable the alert, start the WinScry Service and wait. After 5 minutes the email recipient should receive an Alert Email indicating that the Alert has Triggered.