System Status Report

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System Status Report


Creating or Editing the System Status Report

System Status Report (Click to Zoom)

The System Status Report is a special type of alert.  Rather than waiting for a specific condition to trigger it, a System Report is sent to the target email address at predetermined intervals, OR only on demand.  You determine how often the report is generated and how much detail it contains. You can only have ONE (1) System Status Report for each WinScry Monitor Installation.


To enable the System Status Report, click the Status Report button.  


To edit the System Status Report you can also click the PencilStub16  in Alerts List on the main window.



The System Status Alert is composed of Primary Settings, which are required, and the Optional Email Settings and MS Windows Services.


Clicking on the ‛Status Report’ button brings up the System Status / Information Alert window  and the options in the ‛Primary Settings’ tab:


•  Send Frequency

•  Enable Hibernation

•  Include information on all fixed hard drives (HDD)




System Status Alert (Primary Settings)

Primary Settings (Click to Zoom)

The Send Frequency can be set to either:

Only On Demand. The report will only be generated when requested from the main window Tools menu OR by clicking the SendMail32 image in the Alerts list.

Scheduled. Daily, or at intervals of once every 1-12 hours.


Exceptions to the Scheduled Send Frequency are created by checking Enable Hibernation and then entering Hibernation Settings. If the Send Frequency is Only On Demand then hibernation settings are ignored.


If hard drive information should be included in the System Report, check the box next to ‛Include information on all fixed hard drives (HDD)’ and a list of all fixed disk drives, their capacity and free space will be included in every status report email.


Check the bottom box to enable/disable the System Status Report.




Example Status Report (Click to Expand/Collapse)An Example System Status Report



Send a System Status Report at any time


If you have enabled the System Status Report you can instruct the WinScry Client Windows Service to create and deliver the report at any time by clicking the SendMail32 icon in the alerts list on the main window. You can also click the SendMail32 Send Status Report now item in the Tools menu. See the screenshot below.


Sending a System Status Report immediately

Send a Status Report 'On-Demand' (Click to Zoom)


NOTE: The System Status Report must be enabled and the WinScry Client Windows Service must be running for a 'Send Now' request to work.



Next Steps: The Optional Email Settings, and Including MS Windows Services