Disabling Monitors

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Disabling Monitors

Disabling a Monitor

Disabling a Monitor (Click to Zoom)

Disabling (or Enabling) Monitors


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In the Monitors List in the Main Window select the Monitor Installation you wish to disable. Then (if not already showing) In the Main Window Toolbar click the Show Details button located below the exit button to open the Extended Installation Details panel.


In the extended details panel click the Disable this Monitor button to disable the selected monitor. If the selected monitor is already disabled the button will be labeled Enable this Monitor and you can click it to enable the monitor.


Q: What happens at the monitor installation when I disable a monitor in the WinScry Management Console?


A: The next time that the WinScry Client Console contacts the WinScry Web Service (which it does automatically every 4 hours) the client will discover that it has been disabled and will STOP producing alert emails. It WILL keep contacting the WinScry Web Service periodically (every 4 hours) to verify that it is still disabled and to let you know that it is still online.


Q: What if I don't want to wait 4 hours for the client to be disabled?


A: You can connect to the remote client and cause the WinScry Client Console to refresh immediately by either restarting the WinScry Client Windows Service OR by clicking any "Refresh" button (all "Refresh" buttons in WinScry software have this image IMAGELIST_RELOAD)