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Scry [verb] Usage As in "To scry the future", "Having scried", "One who scries".

Definition: To foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface. (online).

Expanded Word Origin and History for scry v. "to see images in a crystal, water, etc., which reveal the past or forebode the future," 1520s, a shortening of descry.

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Getting Started With WinScry

WinScry is a revolutionary remote process monitoring and alerts solution. Use the WinScry Management Console to create and track remote Monitors for use within the WinScry Remote System Monitoring solutrion.


WinScry is an all-in-one solution that allows you to passively monitor remote computer systems.


What do we mean by "passively monitor"?


It's really quite simple, the target WinScry customer is anyone who needs a remote monitoring agent which runs on computers/servers which they do not necessarily own or have full control over. These can be software or software-controlled hardware vendors, system integrators, etc., who are responsible for supporting processes or systems installed on their customers/clients servers. WinScry is different because it was designed to function in a manner which should be unobjectionable to your clients own internal security policies (IE passive monitoring).


The WinScry Management Console is for you, the process manager / support specialist and is intended for installation on your computers in your offices, on your laptops, etc.


The WinScry Management Console

The WinScry Management Console (Click to Zoom)


The WinScry Client Console software is for installation on the computers/servers being monitored. By design the WinScry Client Console software, does not / cannot perform any "remote control" functions like rebooting the computer, purging files, starting or stopping of MS Windows Services or other executable processes which security conscious IT departments might find objectionable (and rightly so). It ONLY monitors the computer for alert conditions set up by you and generates alert emails if something isn't right. It does all of this with a very light computer "footprint" in CPU and memory usage. You can even configure your WinScry alerts to send  SMS Text messages to your cell phone (see Getting Text Messages).





Important Topics: Creating Your Account, Logging On, The Main Window, Creating Monitors, Activating Monitors on Client Computers


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