Getting Text Messages

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Getting Text Messages

Receive WinScry Alert Notifications via text messages on your cell phone!


IMPORTANT: SMS Text Messaging is configured in the WinScry Client Console Software when you create alerts.


Most major cell phone service providers give their customers the option of receiving emails as SMS text messages. To send a WinScry Alert Notification to your cell phone you simply enter your 10 digit cell phone number followed by @<>.


Example: If your cell phone carrier is Verizon and your cell phone number is 555-123-4567 then you would enter in the SMS Gateway Address field.


SMS Text Messaging Tab

Client Console SMS Text Messaging Tab (Click to Zoom)

You configure SMS Text Messaging In the WinScry Client Console whenever you create (or edit) a WinScry Alert. If you enable SMS Text Messaging then whenever the WinScry Client Windows Service sends an email alert it will also send a short text alert notification to your cell carriers' SMS Gateway address.



animatedlinkHINT: We've provided a short list below of major USA cell phone service providers and their SMS gateway addresses.

Test your carrier by sending a short email from your own email account (in Outlook, etc) to your SMS gateway address and verify that you actually get the SMS message on your cell phone.

If you don't see your carrier in the list, contact your carrier and verify that they offer an SMS gateway and whether your particular plan can use it.


For more information see the online help for the WinScry Client Console HERE.



Major USA Cell Phone Service Providers


SMS Gateway


<your 10 digit cell#>


<your 10 digit cell#>

Boost Mobile

<your 10 digit cell#>


<your 10 digit cell#>


<your 10 digit cell#>

US Cellular

<your 10 digit cell#>


<your 10 digit cell#>

Virgin Mobile

<your 10 digit cell#>