Sending A Test Message

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Sending A Test Message

When you create your monitor installation(s) and opt to use your own SMTP server settings as the FROM email (see Creating Monitor Installations) you will have the option to send a test email to verify that your settings are correct. Just click the Send A Test Message button to open the Send a Test SMTP Message window.


Sending a Test Email Message

Verifying your FROM Email Settings (Click to Zoom)


In the Send a Test SMTP Message window just add the TO email address and optionally change the subject and message body and click the OK button.


Sending a Test Email Message

Sending a Test Email Message (Click to Zoom)

IF the Test Message Fails


There could be MANY reasons that sending the test message could fail. The first thing that you want to do is verify that the problem is not security on your computer (IE your computer is being blocked from sending SMTP emails). If the test message fails the program will display an error message. You should be able to glean from the content of the error message whether the problem is in the settings that you entered (IE the mail server name is wrong, the port number, password, etc) or whether the problem stems from your own local security issues.


IF the problem stems from security issues on the computer then you can:


A.Work with your local network administrator to make sure that the Management Console software is allowed to create SMTP emails FROM the mail server you have selected.

B.Install the Management Console on a different computer (your home computer or laptop) and test it there.