Client Console Activation

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Client Console Activation




After you have created a Monitor with the WinScry Management Console you need to "activate" it on a client computer using the WinScry Client Console software. This is very easily done.


Step 1. Download and install the WinScry Client Console software on the computer you wish to monitor.


When you start the Client Console software for the first time you will be prompted for the Activation Token. You get the Activation Token from the WinScry Management Console Main Window. In the Main Window check Awaiting Activation as shown in the image below to display all of your new monitors that have not been activated yet. When selected you can see the Token column which displays the Activation Token. You can also click the IMAGELIST_COPY  icon in the list to copy the Activation Token to the MS Windows Clipboard.



The Main Window

Get Activation Token
In the Main Window


Step 2. Enter the Activation Token from your WinScry Management Console.


Client Console Screenshot

Client Console Screenshot




Getting Started With WinScry

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