The Main Window

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The Main Window

The Main Window

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From the Main Window you can:


See your account / subscription summary

Create and Edit WinScry Monitors (See Creating Monitors)

Visually track your active monitors to insure that they are up and running

Edit your Account information, change your password, etc.

Renew or upgrade your WinScry subscription

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Account / Subscription Summary

Your Account / Subscription Summary


In the top-right quadrant of the main window you can see your account summary. In the Company section you can see your account number (yellow circle) as well as your company name. In the Subscription field you can see the current status of your subscription as well as how many monitors your subscription will allow you to create. The Monitors section gives you a breakdown of how many monitors you have created and what their current status is.


The Main Window Toolbar


Creating New Monitors.


Click the New Monitor button on the main toolbar to create a new WinScry Monitor.

See Also: Creating Monitor Installations


Renew or Upgrade your WinScry Subscription.


Click the Subscription button on the main toolbar to submit a renewal or upgrade request to WinScry Customer Service.

See Also: Your WinScry Subscription


Open Help.


Click the Online Help button on the main toolbar to open this help document


Closing the WinScry Management Console.


Click the Exit button on the main toolbar to close the program


The Tools Menu


Clicking the Tools menu gives you options to Change Your Account Password, Edit Your Account Information, and Renew / Upgrade Your Subscription.






Tracking Your Monitors

Tracking Your Monitors (Click to Zoom)

Tracking your Monitors With the Management Console


Once you have created client monitor installations and installed and activated them on the client computers using the WinScry Client Console software you can use your Management Console to get a quick overview of how things are going at each client installation.


See Tracking Monitor Installations for a full discussion of this topic.