Alert History

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Alert History


Opening the Alert History

Opening Alert History (Click to Zoom)

WinScry Alert History

WinScry Alert History (Click to Zoom)

To open the Alert and Report History window click Alert History in the Tools menu of the main window (See the screenshot above).


While the WinScry Windows Service is running, every time that it creates a System Status Report or whenever a Conditional Alert is triggered a copy of the resulting report/alert is also saved in the WinScry Alert History and kept for 5 days.


In the Alert and Report History window you can double-click any item in the list (or select it and press the Enter key) to open that report. Note that all of the items are stored as Adobe PDF files so you must have the Adobe Reader installed on the computer to open them. You can download the free Adobe Reader from


Click the Refresh button to refresh the list and Cancel to close the window.


NOTE: Because of their special nature, File API Alerts are NOT copied into the Alert History when triggered.


See Also: System Status Report, Conditional Alerts