Resetting the Monitor

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Resetting the Monitor


Client Console Main Window

Main Window (Click to Zoom)


As the WinScry Windows Service runs, and every time it stops it saves the current state information of all your enabled Alerts (and your System Status Report if you are using it) to disk so that it can be reloaded when the service starts up. For instance, if you use the System Status Report and you have configured WinScry to send you the report every 12 hours, WinScry will know when the service starts and that it has just sent you the report 3 hours ago and won't just send you another one right away.


During the course of normal operations, you may want to reset that information so that the WinScry service starts up fresh. An example of when you might want to do this is to test your monitor to make sure that it's working properly. Using the System Status Report as an example (if the Send Frequency is configured as Scheduled), if you clear the state information and then start the WinScry Windows Service it should deliver your status report email immediately after the service starts. If the Send Frequency in your System Status Report is configured as On Demand then you just follow the steps to send a status report immediately to verify that everything is working correctly.


How to Clear the State Information


1.Stop the WinScry Windows Service (if it's running).

2.In the Main Window open the Tools menu and click Clear the 'State' Information.

3.Start the WinScry Windows Service.