Service Problems

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Service Problems

Scenario #1 - The WinScry Service Won't Install

Installing the WinScry Client Windows Service

Installing the Windows Service (Click to Zoom)

IF the menu option Install WinScry Service is disabled and won't allow you to click it, then verify the following items:


1.Is the Monitor Activated? The program won't allow the service to be installed if it's not ready to run. If it's not activated yet then see Activating your Monitor

2.Have you created at least 1 enabled alert? Same scenario as #1, and it's not ready to run if you don't have at least 1 enabled alert. Any type of alert will do (System Status Report, Conditional Alert, or File API Alert)


IF, when you click the Install WinScry Service menu item, a command prompt flashes but the status bar still indicates that the WinScry service is not installed there is a different problem. If this should occur it probably means that the Windows/Domain User you are logged in as does not have sufficient "rights" to install a Windows Service. Solutions include:


Change the compatibility attributes of the WinScry Executables to Run As Administrator. To do this browse to the folder where the WinScry Client software is installed and RIGHT CLICK on each of the WinScry EXE Files and in the Compatibility tab check the Run As Administrator box (make sure that you do this for "All Users").

Right-Click Menu (Properties Dialog)

Right-Click Menu (Properties Dialog)

Change Settings for ALL Users

Change Settings for ALL Users



Scenario #2 - The WinScry Windows Service Won't Start

Starting the WinScry Client Windows Service

Starting the Windows Service (Click to Zoom)



#1. Verify that the you have at least one (1) enabled alert. The WinScry Client Windows Service won't start unless there is at least 1 enabled alert (or System Status Report).


#2. The problem is most likely User Rights. As outlined in the System Requirements the WinScry program files need complete access to the folder where the software is installed. If the client console configuration program is activated and working properly but the windows service won't start a probable solution would be to have the WinScry Windows Service run as a domain user (see Running as a User). NOTE: If User Rights is in fact the issue you will be able to see an ERROR entry in the local system APPLICATION event logs (Click Open Computer Manager in the Tools menu of the main window to access the local system event viewer).