Sending a Preview Email

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Sending a Preview Email


Generating a Preview Status Report Email

Creating Preview Status Report (Click to Zoom)

Generating a Preview Email for the System Status Report


For a new client monitor installation it is a good idea to use the WinScry Client software to generate a test email. You do this for a couple of reasons.

1.If the test fails, you know that you need to work out the issues with the local network administrator before the monitor can be fully operational.

2.If the test succeeds, it will tell you that the client computer is capable of sending SMTP emails. However, since the test was generated from the Client Console program (WinScryClientConsole.exe), it does not definitively prove that the WinScry Client Windows Service (WinScryClientService.exe) will be able to as well. See Testing the Monitor and Troubleshooting for more information.


To open the System Status / Information Alert window  click the Status Report button in the main window toolbar. If you have already created one  you can also click the PencilStub16  in your Alerts List.


If the File menu click Preview the Alert Email to open the Preview of System Status Alert window (see below).

Sending the Preview Email

Sending the Email (Click to Zoom)

Sending the Preview Email


In the Preview of System Status Alert window you enter:


1.The email address you want the email sent to.

2.You can optionally change the subject line of the message

3.You can also choose a different email format than the one configured in the WinScry Management Console for the selected monitor.

NOTE: You can also elect to send the preview email via the WinScry Web Service. Use this setting ONLY if you need to use SMTP Override to get WinScry email alerts to work on the client computer.


Click the OK button when ready and the program will attempt to send the email.


IMPORTANT NOTE: about the Preview Email Report. In the actual report it will always report every one of your Alerts as being in a Normal state. The sample report that it creates does not actually evaluate your alerts to determine if they are Activated, Triggered, etc. only the WinScry Client Windows Service can do that.



Question: What do I do if the test fails?


Answer: The reasons for failure can be many but are usually easy to determine. See Troubleshooting and Testing the Monitor for more information.