Network Device

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Network Device

Network Device Alert Condition

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Network Conditions - Network Device

Verify that a computer or device is visible


Scenario: The process you are using WinScry to support requires that another server on the same network be online and visible. If the other server is down, your process will fail. Solution: Use a Network Device Condtion to monitor the DNS object.


Once configured a Network Device condition will use DNS discovery to verify the existence of the named object every 3 minutes. If the discovery fails the condition will be Activated. If it continues to fail long enough to pass the trigger threshold the condition will be Triggered.


How to Create a Network Device Network Alert Condition.


1.In the Network Alert Condition Window under This Alert Condition will monitor... check the A Network Device button.

2.Enter the name of the item on the network you wish to monitor in the Network Item field. HINT: Click the Test / Verify button (btnTestVerify) to verify what you entered and do an immediate discovery action.

3.Set the Trigger Threshold time out.

4.Enable the condition by checking the Enable This Alert Condition box.

5.Click the OK button to save your changes.